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Concerta is an FDA-approved prescription medication for the treatment of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, for both adults and children. It is not intended to be used for weight loss. However, upper abdominal pain in children and adolescents and decreased appetite in adults were. Losing Weight With Concerta: An Overview Concerta ® (methylphenidate extended release) is a prescription medication used to treat ADHD.There are a number of possible side effects of methylphenidate, and weight loss appears to be one of the most common.For some people, this may be Author: Kristi Monson, Pharmd; Arthur Schoenstadt, MD.

Common Questions and Answers about How to use concerta for weight loss. concerta. I Had Those Side Effects Before With Ritelin. But Not Concerta. My Dr. Siad That Differents Drugs Work Differently Depening On The Person, Their Age, And The Dose They Are Taking. Concerta and weight loss in adults. Adderall vs concerta weight loss. Concerta. Exercise & Health “My Amazing ADHD Weight Loss Story” One woman shares her weight-loss struggle, and explains how finally getting an ADHD diagnosis and treatment with a stimulant medication helped her take control of her health — and shed 80 pounds to boot.Author: Mary Lou Micheaels.

Concerta is a Schedule II controlled substance. Using Concerta as a weight loss aid should be considered a stepping - stone, and not a complete fix. increases a This topic is answered by a . For ADHD "I turned to Concerta during graduate school because I simply could not keep my life together. 27mg in the morning was a game changer. Life and the world around me were just so much more interesting, my studies fascinating. When I got into the real word, it just wasn’t working and I increased to 36mg which caused my jaw to clench.7.1/10(313).