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List of famous people with Aspergers syndrome ranked by fame and popularity. Aspergers syndrome is a disorder that falls on the autism spectrum. Symptoms include difficulties in social interactions, repetitive patterns, and lacking nonverbal communication skills. The cause of Aspergers is. Dec 02, 2017 · 25 Famous People With Asperger Syndrome 25 Stanley Kubrick. 24 Dan Aykroyd. 23 Robin Williams. 22 Michelangelo. 21 Charles Richter. 20 Susan Boyle. 19 James Durbin. 18 Abraham Lincoln. 17 Paddy Considine. 16 Daryl Hannah. 15 Temple Grandin. 14 Prince John of the United Kingdom. 13 Author: Sameen.

Famous People with Asperger Syndrome: Aspie Celebrities (List) Smith also is the president (and founder) of the International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics. He attained a doctorate degree in economics from Harvard in 1955 and also holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Caltech.Author: GLOOM. Famous People with Asperger's Syndrome. There are many famous people, from movie stars to authors to presidents, who have or were suspected of having Asperger's syndrome. Some of these include: Abraham Lincoln - American presidentAuthor: Sarah Fader.

Famous People Who Have/Had Aspergers Syndrome; Adam Young, multi-instrumentalist, producer and the founder of the electronic project Owl City. Adrian Lamo, American computer hacker: Carl Soderholm, speaker in neuropsychiatric disorders: Clay Marzo, American professional surfer: Craig Nicholls, frontman of the Australian garage rock band, The VinesAuthor: Michelle. Jul 19, 2017 · I compiled a list of all the names of famous people with ASD or suspected of having or having had ASD that I could find. My hope is that this list could serve as a reminder to people with ASD who have challenges that there are some famous people w.