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midget mustang retractable gear - Midget Mustang (retract) flight test report

Is Retractable Gear Available? No we do not offer retractable landing gear for either the Midget Mustang or the Mustang II. There have been a number of Mustang II's built with retracts and a few Midgets but all of these were the builders own design. Retractable gear on a Mustang II will add about 10mph to the cruise speed. Lloyd "Jim" Butler's retractable gear, folding wing Midget Mustang was something else something that nearly defied description. others of the more conventional Midget Mustangs. The nose drops down in level flight to give a shimmering view of polished panels and the effect is one of flying in a very nose down attitude. biggest fan.

Home of Mustang Aeronautics, builders of the Midget Mustang and Mustang II homebuilt aircraft Home of the Midget Mustang and Mustang II Experimental Aircraft! Mustang Aeronautics, Inc. · 1990 Heide Dr · Troy, MI 48084. Mustang Midget Mustang Pictures. This polished retractable-gear version was the subject of a Budd Davison article decades ago. She's.

It all goes back to the small-print ad that read, “Build your own 300-MPH Midget Mustang Airplane.” Really? I can build my own airplane? I was a newly licensed pilot in January of 1960, and that advertisement, running in Popular Mechanics Magazine, really got my attention. Considering our home was in Yellowknife NWT (Northwest Territories. Design of this side by side two-seat derivative of the Midget Mustang was started in 1963. Construction of a prototype began in 1965 and it flew for the first time on 9 July 1966. During 1968 Mr. Bushby designed an alternative non-retractable tricycle landing gear for the Mustang II, and amateur constructors have the option of either configuration.