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“How to Increase Cumshot Power and Volume” Shoot Massive Ball-Draining Cumshots. Big, long, rope-like cumshots. You want to learn how to shoot big cumshots like pornstars do, but you don’t know how to. I’ll let you in on a little-known porn industry secret – semen pills. These pubococcygeus muscles control the flow of your semen (as well as your urine), and can be controlled to increase your staying power through daily contractions. Doing kegel exercises every time you go take a leak can help the distance and strength of your load, in addition to improving your erection's firmness.

Oct 23, 2016 · Show your support and get rewards! - Grab some lingerie or toys with 50% off any one item at with code BRY. Nov 12, 2007 · Best Answer: Kegel exercises.. basically if you pee and you can make yourself stop peeing mid-stream, those are the same muscles that control shooting. Practice by doing just that so you get comfortable using those muscles. During a cumshot, squeezing that same muscle (it'll take a while to get the timing just right) will cause longer shots.Followers: 1.

If you’re looking to shoot bigger semen loads you will need to provide your body with the best environment possible. While genetics and your reproductive system’s capacity will ultimately determine your max load, you have some control over providing optimum conditions for . Oct 11, 2009 · Pretty much, the volume is something you can affect by your diet. What you eat and how much you eat will make a slight difference. As for the distance, that's something that's mostly affected by how old you are, as (see second link) it appears that happens as we get older.Followers: 1.