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Was anita corsaut a lesbian? Anita had a long quiet, and very secretive relationship (affair) with Andy Griffith in real life. The two vowed to keep it their secret and when their relationship. Nov 16, 2015 · Andy Griffith & Don Knotts: Womanizing Their Way Through Mayberry! Andy Griffith and his second banana Don Knotts came off as shy country bumpkins on their hit sitcom set in fictional Mayberry, North Carolina.But they used their squeaky-clean act to fool America and Author: National ENQUIRER Staff.

Aneta Corsaut was a beautiful woman who never married, period. That this fact should solicit the spontaneous conclusion that she was gay, with no substantial evidence, is absurd. Elinor Donahue was introduced in Season 1 as Griffith’s love interest, but there was no chemistry, onstage or off. It was quite the opposite with Aneta Corsaut, introduced in Season 3, as.