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Made famous by Toto from The Wizard of Oz, the cairn terrier is a small dog with big personality. The grooming needs of your cairn are low and easy for even the busiest owner, with your wiry pup needing just a regular brushing and occasional bath. Stripping Diagram by Pillan. The following is a diagram for a complete stripping. It will take about 6 months after the stripping for the coat to be in perfect condition.

Dec 02, 2010 · Grooming your Cairn terrier will not only keep it looking good, but will also help keep it healthy. The grooming process will include caring for the coat, ears, teeth, eyes, and nails. With some patience and the right grooming supplies, you’ll be able to properly groom your Cairn terrier and help it live a happy and healthy life.100%(1). Hand-Stripping the Cairn Terrier Hand-stripping is a technique that can really set a groomer apart from the competition. By Anne Francis. Sparky is a little over a year old and has been a client of mine since he was eight weeks old. His parents requested he be hand stripped. To learn to hand strip, there are a few things you can do. Look.

Strip your cairn in short sessions so the task does not become a stressful experience for the dog. Stripping a cairn terrier's entire coat properly can take several months due to shedding cycles, but once you've done it once it will be easier to maintain with regular grooming. Hand stripping is a process where the hair (including the root shaft) is plucked from the dog. This is not as painful as it sounds, once the coat is long and dead looking, the hair will come out easily. This is strictly an aesthetic decision, although there are some benefits to hand stripping.