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Nov 12, 2013 · How to Teach a Deeper Bible Study to Teens. How to Teach a Deeper Bible Study to Teens. By. Andy Blanks - making sure to provide good depth to your teaching. Context Is King. Too often, we teach without giving the historical context of the book or passage, or of the particular events surrounding what’s being covered. easiest to use Author: Andy Blanks. Sep 11, 2018 · Teaching Teens How to Read the Bible: Ask. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and a few books in Aramaic, and the New Testament was written in Greek. Looking up words in the source language gives a depth of understanding you don’t get when just reading in English.Author: Jen Weaver.

The mission of is to help you become fluent in modern Israeli Hebrew. This site is especially for those who prefer to teach themselves, rather than take classes. We aim to provide large amounts of basic-through-advanced Hebrew/English bilingual texts + audio. Bible teaching of the Book of Hebrews by Galyn Wiemers of Generation Word Bible Teaching Minisitry. Generation Word - Bible Teaching Ministry - Enjoy fast paced verse by verse teaching of scripture with exegetical insight, historical information and relevant application for your spiritual growth. Home: About.

Jan 28, 2013 · How to Teach Your Kids Hebrew. By Judith Danovitch Jan 28, I try to only read to my son in Hebrew. spiderweb, and rake.) The best thing about teaching your child a new word in a foreign language is that he will remind you of it later when you have forgotten it. 6. I don’t sweat the small stuff. My Hebrew is far from perfect. I Author: Judith Danovitch. My race has revolved around teaching the Bible here and elsewhere. Your race will be different than mine—but it will always revolve around showing and sharing Christ’s love both to people who don’t know him and people who do. This race requires endurance for two reasons: It is a marathon—not a sprint.