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whap spank - WHAP! & The Art Of Domestic Ordeals Pt 1

Whap! Magazine is no longer being published. Aunt Keri thanks you for your past support! Click here for the ebook "Spanked Husbands, Satisfied Wives" and her niece Melissa's site Humiliatrix.com. mistresses, dommes, dominatrix & fem dom directory. Whap, whap whap, that strap is hurting and the sound is loud crack, crack she see me lifting off of my toes and even spank me harder with that wide old strap, now I'm shaking and plead with her to relent, instead she increases the strength of the spanking also the temp jumps up, as I do on every spank, she suddenly stops and says turn around, I Author: Red.

Aug 9, 2019- I like to be spanked. For all different reasons. It's more fun if I don't dwell on why:). See more ideas about Spank me, Spanking art and Rap rap. Jan 17, 2019 · Unlike many other spanking publications I’d encountered, WHAP! made no mention of the dungeon. There were no shiny PVC suits & no whips. While any hint of female domination tends to move me, the leather clad dominas with their cool command were finally too remote & too detached to meet my interest. The content of WHAP! hit much closer to home.

Whap!, Women Who Administer Punishment: female led relationship, Femdom marriage magazines. Spanking, Bondage, Fetish Photographs, Vintage Images. Women Who Administer Punishment See more» Femdom. Tweet. I first ran across Whap! many years ago. It appeared to be a slick magazine devoted to femdom marriages, female led relationships. Lots. Each spanking session begins with a conversation, Dr. Don says, in which he learns why the client believes they deserve to be spanked. He takes it from there, explaining what they did wrong, why it’s wrong and what better choices they could’ve made before announcing that the consequence will be a spanking.