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latex over oil alkyd primer - Can You Use Latex Paint over an Oil Based Primer?

Yet with the nearly total phase-out of oil-based paint in the U.S. in 2005, the question of whether you can paint latex over oil-based paint is even more confusing. If a house is old enough, it is inevitable that it will have oil-based paint somewhere; latex paint wasn't introduced until the 1940s. Dec 17, 2015 · Fixing latex paint over oil without a primer. ajrendon. Hello paint experts. Hoping you all can help. Most of the national paint manufacturer's now also have water based alkyd paints. These are not "latex" paints, but kissing cousins of the old oil based alkyds. They combine the virtues of oil without its smell and slow drying, with the.

If you want to use latex paint over alkyd paint, you must prepare the surface beforehand and apply primer. Alkyd paints are thick and provide a durable coat over any surface. TIP: Pam says, “Oil or alkyd paint tends to spatter more than latex. If you are rolling paint, over protect areas you do not want painted, including your hands and arms.Author: DIY Staff. Can alkyd oil be painted over Kilz 2 Latex primer? Yes. Allow the primer to dry for one hour, then can be topcoated with oil or latex based paint.

A premium quality alkyd primer is a universal favorite when a quality under coater, sealer and stain blocking primer is needed. It can be used over oil or latex paint and performs equally well under all Benjamin Moore architectural finish coats. Excellent adhesion and sealing for interior surfaces; Excellent hide; Stain blocker. Nov 06, 2013 · Primed with two coats of latex primer – and it now appears that the original paint was oil as the primer doesn’t seem to entirely cover the old paint. I did not realize how to test for the type of original paint, nor to use an oil-based primer over oil-based paint, I was thinking the other way around as I want to paint it with latex.